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The 2020/21 Tumblers Club Awards  - we are all ready to see who is who in the rankings! Keep your reports coming in.

The HHH Tumblers’ club is run so that we can have a bit more fun from our hunting days. We hold an end of season get-together where prizes will be awarded to oldest, youngest, most frequent, wettest, most spectacular fall.  We also make a contribution to the Hampshire Air Ambulance.


Adult tumblers are asked to contribute £10 per tumble, however it happens, or can take out £30 'insurance' for the season.  Under 16s (or rather their parents...) pay £5 per involuntary dismount.


We ask all riders to take the idea in the spirit it is intended - fun and honesty.  It certainly isn’t compulsory but no donations / no party…


We keep a ‘roll of honour’ with citations and photos, and submit the best to the Countryside Alliance’s hunt tumblers’ club competition 


Please report falls and citations and post photos on the Hunt’s facebook page. 


You are welcome to pay any contributions in cash to any of the Masters or the Hunt Secretary or directly to the Supporters Club bank account via internet banking – details when you join.

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