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Our Activities and What’s On?

With this Boxing Day expected to be the last before the next general election, the likelihood is that the media coverage of festive meets will be focussed on politics, but for those who hunt – either on foot or on horseback, regularly or occasionally – we know that it is our hounds and the fun we have which should really be topping the headlines.


Hunting on Boxing Day and during the Christmas holidays has always been very special and we mustn’t allow ourselves to lose sight of that. For so many there really is nothing else that features the day after Christmas Day, it is part and parcel of our festive celebrations. The same can be said for the tens of thousands of people who turn out in towns and villages across the country to support this festive spectacle.


Ponies decked in tinsel will be looking after tiny tots whose pockets are stuffed with sweets and chocolate. The sight of these possible huntsmen, masters and subscribers of the future trotting along with hounds and the rest of the field will be welcomed by the crowds with the types of “oohs” and “aahs” normally reserved for a fireworks display, while new gloves and hunting ties will be having their first wear along with many other items unwrapped courtesy of Father Christmas.


Amid all the fun, the politics will remain critical, which is why the Countryside Alliance and the British Hound Sports Association are working together to encourage hunt supporters to sign up to the Action for Hunting initiative this Boxing Day. Please look out for the postcards that are being distributed at Boxing Day meets across the country and put your name down to write letters, sign e-lobbies and take other action which will help to protect hunting for future generations.


For now though, concentrate on enjoying your Christmas festivities wherever you are, support your local pack of hounds on Boxing Day (visit our interactive map to find out details of where meets are taking place) and make the most of every other day following hounds in case frost and snow mean our hounds have to stay in their kennels.


With very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.



Polly Portwin

Director of the Campaign for Hunting

There is rarely a month in the calendar when there is not something going on in the hunt.

The Pub of the  Month - These will be resumed some time in the future

As always, we are constantly thinking of novel ways to create income for the Hunt.  But it is not just about fund raising - we are very strong socially and enjoy a good get-together, competition and having fun -  either on two legs or four. The Pub of the Month Supper is designed to keep us going between the seasons and beyond!

We do not publish meet details anywhere online


Hunt supporters’ club members, subscribers, landowners, farm managers and shoot captains receive the Meet Card by post together with regular newsletters and invitations to Hunt events.


If you would like to come hunting or to discuss anything about hunting with the Hursley Hambledon please contact our Hon Secretary Helen Coker

Hunt members, subscribers and supporters also get access to a Facebook page, updated regularly with gossip, events and photos.

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