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Trail Hunting

Video Footage from the Romsey Show 

Romsey Show 2018

Romsey Show 2018

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The art of modern day hunting is the trail laying and for the Hursley Hambledon Hunt (HHH) this means having a dedicated team of trail layers who lay trails by foot, quad and/or horseback.  By dragging a scent infected cloth they aim to travel the line the live quarry would have taken to simulate traditional hunting.  This means they are out all day and are usually very glad to chat to people as they go about their ‘business’!

The HHH recently gave a short demonstration what happens on a hunting day at the 2018 Romsey Show.  Having run around the ring laying a trail the trail layer exited.  The Huntsman then collected up hounds and left them to discover it – and the burst of music was spontaneous as they did – see attached video!!  This excitement was transmitted to ‘the Field’ and the mounted followers set off in hot pursuit.......


Pippa Grob MFH

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