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The 200 Club


The HHH 200 Club is a small lottery that raises funds for the Hunt Supporters’ Club – a modest £25 annual investment guarantees your entry into both the May and November draws.


The prizes for each draw are:

1st - £150,

2nd - £100,

3rd -  £50.


Most hunt supporters are proud and keen members of this club which is run by David Ibbitson


If you’re not already a member, please send a cheque payable to "The Hambledon Hunt 200 Club", or arrange a credit transfer to this account. Better still, and to avoid us pestering you next year, simply ask your bank to set up a standing order for £25 (or a multiple of this) to pay to:


"The Hambledon Hunt 200 Club"

Sort code 20-97-01

Account number 90052159

Please ensure your surname appears on the transfer advice


Each £25 will mean an entry into both the annual draws for as long as your standing order is applied.


Good luck!

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