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Come hunting with us!


What to wear


Whilst there is a formal hunting attire that regular followers/subscribers should wear, there are a variety of alternatives which are perfectly acceptable. 


We are proud of our turnout - the smarter the better.  It is a compliment to farmers and landowners that those representing the Hursley Hambledon are well turned out.


Starting from the top, any form of approved riding safety hat is acceptable, but we would prefer the cover to be black or of a sober colour and without tassles or pom poms!


A hunting shirt and stock or shirt and tie are acceptable under any safe coat/jacket, but once again brightly coloured coats should be avoided. A tweed or hacking jacket is fine for visitors at any time.


For Autumn Hunting (i.e. before the official “Opening Meet” starts the season proper) all of the field will be wearing Tweed.


During the season proper, most will wear Black (men and women) or Dark Blue (women) hunting coats. Hunt Staff will wear hunting pink (Red) coats, as will gentlemen Members; lady Members wear Black or Blue coats with Red collars.


Fawn breeches are preferred, but white breeches/jodhpurs are acceptable too.


Long black or brown boots or jodhpur boots are safest. Spurs are completely optional.


Back protectors are recommended for novice children. 


In very wet weather a dark coloured waterproof coat is perfectly acceptable.


Should my horse be plaited?

There is no requirement for horses to be plaited with the Hursley Hambldeon although it is correct form to plait for ‘lawn meets’. Horses should not be plaited for Autumn Hunting.


Let us know you are coming out

Remember - if you are a visitor, newcomer or non-subscriber you must contact the Hon Sec to let her know you are coming out, so that we know to expect you. You will be very welcome.

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