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Come hunting with us!

The Hursley Hambledon warmly welcomes old friends, visitors and newcomers to come hunting.

We provide exhilarating and enjoyable sport for all*, great company and excellent jumping (or not, if you prefer) over some of the most beautiful and varied countryside in the South of England!


We are blessed with a huge hunting country - one that straddles South Hampshire, from near Petersfield in the East, to the edge of Salisbury in the West.


On the East side our jewel-in-the-crown is the famous Meon Valley, with is stunning verdant views and rolling hills. In the East, we enjoy vast, prairie-like, open green lands which often allow fast running, long points, covering many miles.


We are a friendly, diverse and inclusive team, who believe in having a good time through sport, community and social events.


Please come and join us!


In the first instance, call the Hunt Secretary to let her know you are coming out so that we know to expect you. She will advise you as to where the meet is and where to park. She will also be able to advise you of current caps or charges.

We have local yards that can provide hirelings.  There is a range of horses available to suit the needs of all riders, including novices, and horses are delivered to the meets.


Coming hunting for the first time?

The Countryside Alliance has a leaflet - "A newcomers' guide to the how, where, when & what of hunting" which is free to download here.

If you are coming out for the first time and are worried about that scary term "etiquette" - please don't be! Have a look at the ‘what to wear’ and ‘etiquette’ tabs for more information.  

In fact every hunter and follower should visit these pages every now and then to refresh their memories!

*under the terms of the Hunting Act 2004

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